Great Bowery Restaurants, Part 2!

Just as we said in the first part of our Bowery Neighborhood restaurant guide, there are plenty of great restaurants in this region, and here you have even more that you can check out!

Bowery Meat

For those that love a steak house, Bowery Meat is a match made in heaven. The food here is simply delicious and you get a ton of variety when it comes to everything steak which is amazing in its own right!


Locals consider Rosie’s a great choice for nice dinners but it can deliver some good, quick snacks as well. Nestled between the Bank of America and CheckMaid’s NYC office, the Mexican food here is great and the drinks are also Mexican themed which offers a nice change of pace!


Bohemian’s main focus is Japanese food and lots of customers are truly impressed with the stuff that the restaurant delivers. It’s a great adventure and a tasting experience that you will never forget!

L’ Apicio

L’ Apicio specializes in a great Italian cuisine and here you can find everything from great sweets to pasta. It’s an amazing place to eat at if you want to get your entire family over in NYC and the prices are quite affordable too!


Agozar is one of the few places in Bowery that actually offer Cuban, Latin and Caribbean food. The setting on its own is spectacular and you do get an amazing value as a whole which is always a major plus.

Duane Park

Duane Park is all about etiquette so the presentation is very good and so is the meal offering. They deliver an amazing value to begin with and you are bound to be amazed with the service and meal quality. It’s definitely one of the most refined choices in this list so you should totally give it a try if you like authentic American food.


Phebes is more of a pub rather than a restaurant but it does have some very good meals to begin with. Pricing is amazing considering the quality you get, so it should be high on your list.

Le Philosophe

Like the name suggests, this is a French restaurant and the quality of all food found here is simply amazing. The service is also very refined and when it comes to the pricing, it’s decent and affordable.

Hecho en Dumbo Chefs Table

Mexican food at its best can be found at Hecho en Dumbo Chefs Table, which means that this should be a great stop for Mexican food lovers. Even if you never tried this type of food before, this is definitely the place where you should check it out.

Jack Dempsey Restaurant

The Jack Dempsey Restaurant is a sports themed bar that has great meals and a very good, varied set of prices. If you like good, inexpensive meals this can be a nice place to visit.

In conclusion, you can definitely see that the Bowery neighborhood is filled with restaurants and each one of them has a specific cuisine and service. If you do want to dine or have a quick snack, then these are great choices so just check them out, you will not be disappointed!

If you want to live in the Bowery Neighborhood of Manhattan or just want to visit NYC in all of its glory, you do need to know that there’s no shortage of great restaurants to be had here. Depending on what type of food you like, you will see that there’s a variety of amazing meals you can choose from, it all comes down to you and what you like but the experience can be more than impressive.

With that in mind, we have created a list that includes the best restaurants you can find in the Bowery Neighborhood, so here they are!


Gemma is specialized in Italian food and more specifically pizza. The great thing here is that the restaurant does an amazing job at delivering high quality pizza and you are bound to love the incredible results here. The food is authentic, of a very good quality but it’s also affordable, something that made it a staple for Italian based food in NYC.


Similar to Gemma, Forcella offers pizza and a wide range of Italian styled foods. It’s a small establishment when compared to the others in this list but it more than makes up for it with the great quality that it offers and the true attention to detail it has. It’s a really good, quiet place to serve and enjoy your meals.

Momofuku Ko

Momofuku Ko serves a wide range of cuisine types, starting with Japanese and ending with American, international as well as Asian dishes. It has a one of a kind feel to it and it’s also quite inexpensive which makes it great for daily or weekly visits.

Saxon and Parole

Saxon and Parole is considered by many users to be a cool restaurant. It’s a steakhouse at first, but it also delivers vegetarian and authentic American food. Another thing to note is that the Saxon and Parole restaurant also has a wine bar which does make the experience more interesting!

Forcella la Pizza di Napoli

Just like the name suggests, this is yet another great pizza place in NYC and more specifically Manhattan. It’s not expensive at all and Forcella la Pizza di Napoli is also suitable mostly for dinners. It also sends pizza at home if you want such a service.

Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria

For those persons that like Mediterranean and Italian cuisine as a whole, Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria is a great place to visit. Not only is it offering you a wide range of high quality meals but it has a stellar service and the pricing is truly affordable as well.

DBGB Kitchen & Bar

If you really want a simple restaurant with good food, the DBGB Kitchen & Bar is a great investment. As you can expect the pricing is very low, but the quality is good even if it doesn’t rival the top restaurants. Still, the service is nice and as a whole you do get quite a lot for what you pay in return!

You don’t think that these restaurants are enough? Check Part 2 HERE and find out about even more great restaurants in the Bowery neighborgood!